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Bulk Excavation - Demolition Contractors North Wales & North West

Expertise, Experience and Capability - These are the hallmarks of our Earthwork's team who are one of the most respected and professional in the area.

Utilising our modern fleet of Caterpillar and Volvo equipment, we are able to offer a quality and efficient service to main contractors and clients. Our trained supervisors have the experience and expertise to overcome the many problems that surface during complex earthwork's contracts.

The same investment has been made for surveying operations. Surveying is a major part of planning large scale projects to achieve the highest efficiency in distributing materials. We use a combination of CivilCad and Geosite to ensure the correct volume of material is deposited in the most effective location. Over the past 10 years, we have gained excellent experience in the excavation of rock. As we are located in North Wales, which has a huge variance of rock strengths and characteristics, we have the knowledge of what is required to economically and successfully excavate large volumes of hard material.

Bulk Excavation Experience

A494, Loggerheads 150,000m3 cut/fill 10 weeks

TNT DC, Tamworth 35,000m3 cut/fill (Sandstone) 6 weeks

Lidl, Bangor 10,000m3 Excavate & cart away (Shale) 6 weeks

Tremadog Hospital 12,000m3 cut/fill (Shale) 2 weeks

Penmon Fish Farm 40,000m3 cut/fill (Limestone) 6 weeks

Gowy, Landfill 500,000m3 cut/fill (Peat & Clay) 20 weeks